Long Live Summer

Summer is a time of great hits as artists all over the world try to create the song of the summer. This is the song that defines the season. The perfect soundtrack to the hot sunny days at the beach; or cold rainy days if you live below the northern hemisphere.

2015 has been no different. They have been numerous attempts at creating this perfect summer jam. One of the most notable is by newbie Jamaican artist OMI.

Most of the world didn’t know he existed until he stormed the global music scene with his smash hit Cheerleader. He even went ahead to make a remix with German DJ Felix Jaehn, which made the song go platinum.

I first heard about OMI early this year on his track Standing On All Threes. This is one of his earliest songs that shows off his true potential. If you haven’t listened to it, just go on YouTube and look for it. You can thank me later.

Then there was the monster hit Bad Blood by Taylor Swift which featured Kendrick Lamar. What an appropriate song for this summer, with all the beef that’s been going around. From Taylor and Nicki Minaj, to Tay’s boyfriend Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik (who has had a lot of controversy since leaving his One Direction roots).

And you know what, all this happened on Twitter. The latest one was between Nicki and Miley which hit its peak at the MTV VMAs last month.

However, the biggest and most entertaining was the one between rappers Drake and Meek Mill. This was a feud that spanned over weeks and led to the release of not one, not two, but three diss tracks; the lion’s share from Drake’s team. Someone even dubbed it the great Drake-Meek Mill War of 2015. What a bloody summer.

Did you know the song Bad Blood was not written about a breakup, as Taylor is famed for doing? It was actually inspired by the betrayal of one of her former celebrity friends. Guess who… Well you’re right if you guessed Katy Perry.
NOow you know.

This summer could not have been complete without club tracks to keep the parties rocking. One of the biggest dance jams of this summer is Where Are Ü Now by Diplo and Skrillex, featuring Justin Bieber on the vocals. I have to say that this one is both a musical and visual masterpiece. I bet you’ve watched the video as many times as I have.

Another song worth mentioning this season is You Know You Like It. A hot collaboration between the recently famous DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge. Yeah, I know you like it too.

Another French DJ, David Guetta was not left behind either. He once again teamed up with Nicki Minaj on his latest album Listen to release Hey Mama that hit big in the summer charts.

The last time these two collaborated was in 2011 when they made another highly successful song Turn Me On. One of my favorite international DJs, Zedd, also stood out with his simple house track Beautiful Now featuring Jon Bellion. The dance gurus definitely did not disappoint this year.

Meanwhile, some (clever?) artists opted to include summer in their titles. This led to pop songs including Cool For The Summer by Demi Lovato and This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf*cker from the Maroon 5 fellas.

They may have been trying to imitate the style used in 2014’s song of the summer – aptly named Summer – by dance music genius Calvin Harris. So were they successful in repeating last year’s fate?

Well there can only be one song of the summer. And this year’s has to go to Major Lazer, Dj Snake and MØ for their monster hit Lean On. Why does it take the crown you ask?

Even though I’ve heard this song more times than I count, I just cannot get tired of it – and I’ve tried. Listening to it feels like the first time, it gets your heart pumping and asking for more. The house and dancehall vibes always make you want to dance and/or sing along whenever the song comes on. And MØ’s sultry vocals and simple lyrics, are just the icing on the sweet cake.

Lean On was even named the most globally streamed song of the summer by Spotify this month. This unique song has a brilliant tune that is just ear catching and infectious. Perfect for song of the summer of 2015, I think.

This year’s winning summer jam has taught me a few lessons, like you don’t have to be a big shot to create the song of the year. I mean, just look at these guys. And sometimes two or three heads is better than one as proven by this summer’s champions.

So why don’t you call up some of your friends and make the next summer song?
I dare you.


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