What really happened at the VMAs 2015

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards were held end last month (30th August) all the way in Los Angeles, California. But that didn’t stop us from watching it, or talking about it. Known as one of the most controversial award shows globally, this year’s definitely did not disappoint. And with Miley Cyrus as the host, we were in for a long crazy ride.

The show kicked off with an incredible performance by a red-hot Nicki Minaj. (I had no idea Nicki was so good live). In the middle of her performance, she was joined by Taylor Swift on stage to perform her song The Night Is Still Young followed by Taylor’s Bad Blood. This surprising move seemed to confirm that their beef was over, in case anyone had doubts. But after receiving her first award, Nicki started a new beef with none other than host Miley. After being hit by the b word, Miley tried to play it off as she continued with the show. I’m still trying to figure out what went down exactly.

A hotter performance that night was Can’t Feel My Face by the pop star Weeknd. Joker Jared Leto with his red (or was it pink) hair introduced the Weeknd whose performance was fire! Like literally. He was dancing inside a ring of fire as if he absolutely had no care in the world. Well considering he was set ablaze in his music video, I guess he’s already gotten used to it. He was so brilliant he had artistes like Selena Gomez and Kanye West on their feet dancing. Seeing him on stage reminded me of the iconic Micheal Jackson, from the his killer moves to his 80’s reminiscent vibe. I think we have finally found the next MJ, sorry Chris Brown.

This was a year full of comebacks as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis returned to the VMA stage. Well not exactly, they performed their new hit single Downtown live in downtown L.A. (how appropriate) with all the other collaborators. The performance started with Macklemore rapping while walking down a street which I felt made its music video come to life. But the guy who really impressed me was Eric Nally. He proudly sang the hook ‘Downtown!!!’ with so much gusto while displaying dance moves that I doubt are yet to be invented. Other than the fantastic duo, former Disney girl Demi Lovato also rocked the outdoor stage with her latest summer hit Cool for the Summer. Her vocals were good enough, but she tried too hard to be sexy which was not working for her. To make things worse, she was briefly joined by Iggy Azalea who rapped incomprehensibly for less than ten seconds as Demi half grinded on her. You are better than this Demi.

A different comeback was by 21-year-old Justin Bieber, who had not performed in an awards show for over 2 years. He took to the stage to perform his two latest hits Where Are Ü Now and What Do You Mean. The only thing that impressed me about his performance was the well choreographed dance routine. On the other hand, his voice sounded rusty and desperately needed practice. (Hello voice coach!) You could  even audibly hear him running out of breath by the second song. However, he  picked it up at the end (he must have sensed my frustration), right before breaking down into tears on stage. So the big question is, why did Justin cry? Well in a recent interview, he explained that couldn’t hold back his tears as he was overwhelmed by the positive response from the crowd, as the last time he performed he was booed by a similar crowd. Well sure enough at the end of the performance, everyone from fans to celebrities were up on their feet applauding. It was a touching experience for many, but I was still left disappointed. Fortunately, the next performer did quite the opposite. Tori Kelly, as that is her name, brought on stage an energizing performance of her latest hit Should’ve Been Us. She was just a gem to watch as she hit every note perfectly, clearly impressing everyone. She brought the VMA house down. Literally. Tori is going to be BIG, mark my words people.

This glitzy night was not just about performances. (Hello, it’s an awards show!) Taylor Swift bagged most of the awards from Best Female Video for Blank Space to Best Collaboration with Kendrick Lamar for Bad Blood. Fetty Wap who was absent that night was named Artist to Watch for his renowned Trap Queen.( I thought I heard booing when it was announced the winner, I’m not alone right?) Nicki Minaj was also a happy girl as she won the Best Hip-Hop video for Anaconda, beating Big Sean’s IDFWU and Kendrick Lamar’s Alright. I guess the Twitter beef with Taylor was worth it after all. However, I feel the most deserved award was to One Man Can Change The World for Best Video with Social Message. It was presented by two Empire actors (hi Empire fans) to blessed Big Sean, John Legend and Kanye West. Worth noting, this was the first VMA for Big Sean and John, and maybe the twentieth for Kanye, who knows. Quick fact, Big Sean wrote and dedicated this song to his late grandmother who was very influential in his life. Awww. And the biggest award of the night, Video of the Year went to not surprisingly, Taylor Swift. She even brought her girlfriends – who featured on the video – up on stage to celebrate the big win. At least we got see many pretty girls on one stage at the same time .

You know I can’t finish this recap without mentioning Kanye West. His major role in this year’s show was to receive the Micheal Jackson Video Vanguard Award for his innovative music videos and live performances at the VMA stage over the years. The last one was awarded to Beyonce in 2014 after she finished her amazing sixteen minute medley performance, remember?  Just before Taylor presented Kanye the award, she talked of how she admired the star, proving there was no bad blood between them. But who can forget the long emotional speech he gave after receiving the honor. A lot was said, but what I remember is him making an apology of sorts for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech back in 2009 (blame it on the booze, I mean Hennessy). In Kanye fashion, he let out his unpopular opinion on today’s artistes, music and award shows without mincing any words. He even confessed to smoking a little something to take the edge off before coming to stage. Now I understood why he was rambling so much. Finally, he ended his long speech by announcing that he was going to run for president in 2020, and drops mic like a boss. You might have thought he had declared we were all going to heaven despite our sins because the whole crowd immediately roared with cheer. As he left the stage, he was congratulated by his peers, even by an emotional Swift. (Why were crying Tay?) On to more important issues though, did anyone see his new daddy fat?

To finish the show, there was a final performance which was the also the most bizarre. Host Miley surprised the world (again) by performing her new single with female dancers dressed like drag queens – picture crazy costumes, colored gigantic wigs and over the top makeup. She proved to us once again why she is called Miley, and not Smiley. And she  also had an announcement of her own; she was releasing her new album Miley Cyrus & Her Pet for free! This album is supposedly an experimental pop psychedelic album. (Check out the website for the album, it’s trippy trust me). Oh and before I forget, there was a string of trippy videos all throughout the show that unsucessfully tried to make my head spin. Do you think that was Miley’s idea? Or was it the marijuana that give her the idea, I wonder.

There’s one more bit that I almost forgot (I’m human guys, not a robot). At the VMAs pre-show, Taylor Swift debuted her new music video for Wildest Dreams, which is the fifth single off her 1989 album. Set in the 50’s, it mainly stars Taylor and her ‘tall and handsome as hell’  love interest Scott Eastwood, the youngest son of American actor-director Scott Eastwood. The most interesting thing about the video is that it was shot in Serengeti where the two are surrounded by Africa’s majestic wild animals. You just have to see it to believe it. And I should warn you, the song is VERY catchy.

So that was the MTV VMAs 2015 edition, in a not so brief nutshell. Is there any moment I left out?


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