Why Sauti Sol’s new music video is Everything

It was only about a week ago when we were blessed with probably the most lovely music video this year. Yes, Sauti Sol FINALLY released the official music video for Isabella, the sixth single off “Live and Die in Afrika”. And it was just heaven. Or close to it. They had teased us with the lyric video for almost a week, but now we finally have the real deal. To simply put it simply, it was greater than my wildest dreams.

The video was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada during Sauti Sol’s US tour earlier this year in February. Meaning they’ve been keeping this one from us for a while. It starts with the quartet walking with their manager Marek -who recently got hitched to stylist Annabel Onyango  – and the rest of the band. As they walk towards the stage, you can hear and see the adoring fans in the crowd chanting ‘Sauti Sol! Sauti Sol!’. Before we get to see what happens next, the song starts playing and we’re shown a beautiful Kenyan girl in her Las Vegas apartment. As Bien Aime sings ‘are you gonna dance the night with me tonight’, we see her talking on the phone with her boyfriend, who is presumably asking to take her out for a night of fun. We then see her go through the struggles of picking out the right outfit (it’s hard guys) as she also puts on her makeup. And 10 years later, she is ready.

The two lovebirds go out into the bright city doing lovey dovey stuff from taking cute selfies to having playful dinners. They even go the iconic Hard Rock Café, which is the same venue Sauti Sol are performing that night. Talk about a perfect date. Watching those two makes you just want to fall in love, if you already haven’t. Meanwhile our boys are rocking the stage with lots of zeal, as they also stroll on the Vegas sidewalk at night. (How did they possibly do that? Hiyo ni uchawi!) Back to our couple, they are having fun dancing the night away just as Sauti Sol promised us. That scene alone makes me feel like going out to dance with someone special. This couple cannot get any cuter when the lady plants a surprise kiss on her man.

Fast track to the next morning. The lovely couple are riding in a car while flaunting their watches (yeah, we see you). They end up in the desert surrounding Vegas where they cuddle while reflecting on the incredible night they just had. For us in Nairobi, Thika Road could also be a nice reflecting spot, yeah? As they watch the sunrise together, I wonder what could be more romantic than that. Like honestly. Okay, don’t answer that. In the final moments we are fed the last video images of these incredibly hot human beings, who are actually models. Speaking of, lots of girls have been thirsting on the lightskin guy (even though I don’t get why) and even asking for his details. Well I got you covered, his name is Melvin Ramseur while his IG handle is @commercialmodelboy, although it’s currently not working (sorry ladies). And well for the fellas, the chocolate beauty is called Njeri Maina and feel free to stalk her @_h_e_s_h_.  You’re welcome.

I gotta give credit where it’s due. Isabella video was shot by director Stevie Rodriguez of One Four Studios, who I think did a brilliant job. Cool kids will call it video on fleek. Sauti Sol fans have responded very positively to it, and many have already fallen in love with it. I think I am one of them. The band has gone even further than gifting us with this heart warming music video. On Instagram, they started a social campaign asking their fans to use the hashtag #JohnLegendForIsabellaRemix if they want to see him feature on the song’s remix. (It already has over 200 posts.) Can you imagine that, John Legend collaborating with Sauti Sol. I know it sounds crazy, but if they could win the Best African Act in MTV Europe Music Awards, what can they not do? Exactly.

I feel this video makes this acoustic song more magical than it ever was. It conveys the lyrics in such a beautiful way you can’t help but acknowledge. Not only that, it’s a song that celebrates young love that is seen everywhere. Something that people like us can relate to. Allow me to sample some of the lyrics from the chorus.

Because YOLO YOLO You Only Live Once (Did we go back to 2011?)

So, and me I wanna have some fun (Me too!!)

Vunja mifupa kama meno iko (Let’s dance till we’re old and grey)

Up and away we go (like high kites)

And spend all my money on you baby (Hear that fellas?)

Coz I won’t take it with me when I’m dead (So true)

So tonight, tonight 


If you haven’t watched this video yet or would like to watch it again, simply check it out here.

Now you see why Sauti Sol’s new music video is everything. And for being such an awesome reader, here’s a short audio clip of my cover of the love song.

Enjoy your weekend music lovers!

2 thoughts on “Why Sauti Sol’s new music video is Everything

  1. i enjoyed reading this…you should consider a career in film and music critics…your analysis is on point!!!!!!!!


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