The Big Wedding

I was not planning on posting anything today, but I watched something that really caught my eye(s). And that was the Wedding Show on Citizen TV. Before you judge me, I should let you know that this particular episode featured what is being called the biggest Kenyan wedding of the year. So now I have your attention.As I mentioned in my previous post, Sauti Sol’s manager Marek got married to his fiancé Annabel Onyango recently. You may know Annabel as the fashion stylist and panelist with the short blonde hair on Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch. Or maybe she’s styled you before. She also styles Sauti Sol members by the way. Their manager Marek Fuchs and Annabel have been dating for 8 long years and were engaged last year in June, but only got married last Saturday. Talk about taking your sweet loving time.

Let’s get straight to the wedding details, shall we? The ceremony was held in the plush green Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha with 19th September being the big day. The event was invite only as you can imagine (celebrity wedding, hello) and the guests were expected to adhere a strict ‘black tie, all black everything’ dress code. Annabel on the other hand wore a white custom gown designed by fashion icon Galina Tatarinova, which was absolutely chic and unique. So while everyone was dressed in black, the couple and their family members were in white. I guess you can call it a black and white wedding. It was also an A-List wedding that was attended by exactly 200 guests including the Who Is Who in Kenya from Lupita Nyongo’s family to media personalities and big names in Kenya’s music and fashion industry. The ceremony was to start at 3pm which is unlike the norm in Kenyan weddings, and the couple exchanged their vows as the sun set in the background. It must have been looked like a dream.

A black-and-white shot of the the newlyweds.

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This is about the music so let me waste no more time. A wedding is not complete without music, and this one was not complete without performances by some of the attending musicians. In this occasion, Sauti Sol, Patricia Kihoro and Kevin Mbugua serenaded the newlyweds with memorable song dedications. Patricia Kihoro who was in a long flowing black gown, did a nice rendition of ‘Fever’, though I think Beyonce still did it better on Fighting Temptations. (If you haven’t watched that movie, you seriously need to re-evaluate your life.) The fun and bubbly Sauti Sol sang the popular Swahili ‘kata kata’ led by Savara, urging the couple to cut their wedding cake so that they could have it and eat it too.  After everyone had eaten to their fill, they entertained the guests with live performances of some of their latest hits. Shake Yo Bam Bam had everyone dancing along and even some ladies shaking what their mamas gave them. If you still dislike this song, you really need to watch their performance. I’m sure it will change your mind, even if just slightly. Kevin Mbugua also performed as Annabel happily danced with her father before having the first dance with her husband. The daddy-daughter dance was so adorable to watch as you could tell they have a close relationship, which is basically what every girl needs!

Still not convinced about how big this wedding was? Well the lovebirds went ahead and set up a whole website for their wedding with all the details. Don’t believe me, go ahead and visit their page .(I think it’s time to start thinking our own wedding websites people.) You can also check out #marekwedsannabel on Instagram to see exclusive photos of the gorgeous wedding. The photos alone are enough statement of how out of this world it really was.

The next big wedding to watch out for is the TV union between NTV investigative reporter Dennis Okari and pretty KTN news anchor Betty Kyalo. It will be taking place on Friday 2nd October right here in Nairobi. Let’s hope this one will also be an event worth talking about.

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