It’s All New (Videos!)

Hey Ya! If no one has done so already, let me be the first to welcome you to October (also known as my birthday month!).  And being a new month, I come bearing gifts. Not gifts like iPods, shoes or free DVDs, you can get those offline. What I bring, is something way cooler.

Are you tired of watching the same old local music videos which all look the same? Me too. That’s why I got new incredible Kenyan music videos just for you. Proudly made in Kenya, by Kenyans. So what are you waiting for, it’s time to open your presents.

The first one is by Kenya’s underrated Just A Band featuring Owuor Arunga. Yup, that’s the hot jazz trumpeter from season 2 of Coke Studio Africa. Winning In Life, as it the song is called, is the first single from the band’s yet-to-be-titled fourth album. I guess you can call it their forthcoming album.

This new song sounds a bit similar to their earlier works, you can tell it’s them just by listening to it. As for the video, Just A Band is not new in releasing unique and creative videos, case study Huff + Puff.

In the first minute of this new video, one is treated to some eye-catching art from picture perfect photos to attractive paintings and decor. It also incorporates contemporary dancing which I must mention is one of my favorite styles of dancing.

But what I like most about the video is that it narrates one story throughout, injected by abrupt choreography by the main characters. I guess when you’re ecstatic and winning in life, you just can’t help but dance.


You are gonna love this next one. It’s only the latest video by the incredible H_art the Band. Titled Baby Love, it recounts back in the day experiences that we almost forgot about.

Not only is it a love song, but it’s also a throwback track that uses some old familiar tunes from our childhood. Remember in primary school when you would play ‘by-shot’ with your friends while sitting on the bare ground without a care in the world? H_art the Band will remind you of that, and so much more.

I honestly have not watched a Kenyan video this funny and entertaining. I bet it can turn any frown into a smile. Feeling down? Try it out.


For the mellow souls, this next one is for you. It’s an uplifting song called Rise by Mayonde. You may know Mayonde from her popular song Isikuti Love whose video is just too groovy for life.

This particular song which is the artiste’s first single was inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem ‘Still I Rise’, which she says helped her rise to become the musician she is today. God bless Maya.

From the onset, you can hear acoustic guitar instrumentals that simply give a calm and relaxing feeling. I feel this video is just the perfect introduction for Mayonde, full name Diana Mayonde Nduba. It was shot in Kenya with such spectacular backgrounds, you can actually mute the sound and still enjoy it.
(I wonder how many of you will actually try that.)

Quick Fact: Mayonde is married to Just A Band’s Mbithi Masya (coincidence or nah?) They wed back in 2013 and they have one of the best wedding videos I have ever watched. And you know what, it was all edited by the groom.

Although Rise was released over a year ago, there is something about it that is just new and refreshing. I’m quite disappointed it doesn’t have as many views as the other two videos above, which only came out in the past two months. This video needs to get out there. The world needs it.

Since I like to keep things short but sweet, that’s it for now.

Which Kenyan video is blowing your mind away right now? Feel free to tell me in the comment section and I will definitely check it out. Usiachwe nyuma


9 thoughts on “It’s All New (Videos!)

  1. Your blog is something out of the ordinary. I love that someone has finally talked about Kenyan Music. :). Keep writing. I hope you get nominated for the next SOMA awards.


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