5 Kenyan Blogs that I’m Reading

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Do you like reading blogs? I do. I swear I read more blog posts than I write. And no, this is not to get ideas from them. I read them because they inspire me to become a better writer.

And in the recent past, I have discovered that there are some very talented writers in this country. Note I said writer, not blogger. There’s a difference.

I’m not much of a storyteller myself. I like to think of myself as the girl who reports tales told. That is why I enjoy reading stories from people who are good at telling them. Here are some of the Kenyan blogs I fancy the most.


Seriously, who has not heard of BikoZulu? This extremely popular Kenyan blog is run by Kenyan writer Jackson Biko. He also writes for the Business Daily, Msafiri (the Kenya Airways magazine), and the Saturday Nation among many others. He is most famed for his Visa Denied blog article where he narrates his own experience of being denied a Bri-ish visa in the most satirical way. And remember Jadudi who needed 1 million for his surgery? Biko is the one who wrote the inspiring story that got Kenyans to contribute over 6 million shillings for a stranger in need. Like how good is this guy?

Not only does he entertain the world with his interesting stories, he also hosts guest writers who are pretty good at what they do. Some even better than him.
Okay that’s not true, this is Biko we’re talking about.

Biko is probably the best Kenyan blog writer I have come across. You simply cannot match the way he uses the English language. It almost makes you feel like all those composition classes you attended were for nothing. And his humor is so surreal, you’ll be forgiven for thinking he’s a standup comedian on the side. His stories keep getting better and better with time, like fine wine (I’m sure he’d have used a more uncommon analogy here). He’s definitely my role model when it comes to writing. I look up to him so much my neck hurts.

The Green Galabash

This topical blog is run by a single mum called Shiku, who started it when she was pregnant with her first child. Through it, she chronicles her personal journey through motherhood, with her precious 4-year-old daughter. But this blog is not only about being a young mother, it also incorporates woman and lifestyle issues coming from a modern Kenyan lady. I absolutely love her stories. She writes in a simple way that anyone can understand, without losing its humor and brilliance.

And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a mum to enjoy this one.


The first time I came across this blog, I was fascinated by it as I have not come across such a unique name (yet). It’s Swahili for ‘what I have written’. The writer behind it Dora does more than just write a blog, she has her own book series titled Currents which sounds very promising. I would love to read one of her books someday.

In the meantime, her #restaurant series is my absolute favorite. It’s a story about a waiter who dreams of being a chef and a female customer at the restaurant he works at, who are smitten with each other. I’m a sucker for love stories whether it’s in a movie, book, or a blog. And this one captures my heart right to the core.


I was recommended to this blog by a friend, and I’m so glad he did. What I love about it is the raw honesty in Mike’s stories, like this one . He also has his own blog series called #FortheDads which is a special dedication to all dads (and aspiring dads). I find this series very heartwarming as it comes from real people with real experiences.

My favorite in it is by one budding writer. Any words I might use to describe his masterpiece will not do it justice, you just have to read it to understand. It truly deserves a tip of the hat.

Don’t Date A Writer

There are many reasons I like this blog. First of all, its name is very captivating and intriguing. Like why shouldn’t we date a writer? What is wrong with them (us)? So many questions, so little answers. I just started following this blog, and I’m already a fan. Imali Asena writes about her daily life experiences which almost anyone can relate too. Her writing is poetic and quite admirable. I bet you will laugh or at least smirk a couple of times while reading her blog.

And just like Biko, she incorporates guest posts which add to the diversity of stories. I simply cannot wait to read more of her stuff.

So those are my favorite blogs at the moment. Which ones are you addicted to and just can’t stop reading? Let me know because The Music Junkie would love to check them out.

Image source: Markus Tacker


6 thoughts on “5 Kenyan Blogs that I’m Reading

  1. First of all, thankyou for noting the difference between writers and bloggers, most people don’t.. Of the blogs you’ve mentioned, I read biko and Muthaka(first name basis). Which are both amazing blogs. You should also check out careybaraka.wordpress.com and my very own blog. (If you hear something it’s probably the sound of me blowing my trumpet. toot toot.) Although I’m currently under the grasp of a nasty block, I would appreciate your feedback. Cheers.

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