Do you speak Fashion

Hola! As you may already know by now, I’m all about Kenya and promoting its arts and artists. With time, the Kenyan art industry has been growing at a slow pace, but growing nonetheless. One of the sectors that has taken a couple of leaps is the fashion industry. Have you noticed the amount of people wearing African print these days? It’s a sure sign that things are finally starting to look up for local designers.

In this line of thought, the biggest fashion event in Kenya is taking place this weekend. Nairobi Fashion Market or NFM for short, is currently on going at the Ngong Racecourse which is next to that narrow and very busy road, know it? This is the ninth edition of the event by the way (where was I all those years?).

NFM is where you will find all the amazing creations by upcoming and established fashion designers in Africa. It’s an event filled with music as you shop for anything and everything fashion; accessories, men’s and women clothing (calling all shoppers.) If you watched #theTrend on Friday night, you got a chance to catch a sneak peek of the designs that will be showcased at the event.

For those who are there, enjoy the fashion shows and wear local. Since I’m not attending, let me follow the event live on Snapchat at nfm_official.

If you’re missing this fashion event, worry not. On 31st October, there will be another artsy event dubbed the Kijiji Festival. This fest will mark the launch of Karen Village which is a modern village that celebrates art,culture and heritage of Kenya. Kijiji Festival is all about identifying, conserving and nurturing local arts in the region in order to showcase it to the rest of the world (I already feel patriotic writing this).

One of the young talents who will be there is a Kenyan male fashion designer with his Swahili vibe outfits. Not only does he design the clothes, he also makes them. If you want to see what he’s offering, check out his Facebook page Dollary Afro-Fashion.

Halloween, here we come!


I got this cool Dashiki top for less than 1000 bob


Can we go back to Sunday for a bit?

As I mentioned before
, Coke Studio Season 3 finally premiered on Citizen TV. And the show kicked off with a big bang! The first performance was also one of the best performances featuring Yemi Alade and Sauti Sol. They performed an arranged mash-up of Yemi’s Temperature and the group’s Shake Yo Bam Bam. And boy was it hot!

The performers brought everything they had to the stage, after all what else do you expect from Africa’s music queen and East Africa’s favorite boy band. And their chemistry was just electrifying. All of it would not have been possible without award-winning Nigerian music producer Cobhams Asuquo, who did most of the work of blending these two individual songs into one masterpiece. If you haven’t watched this performance yet, check it out below.

While the music was fantastic, the performers’ fashion choices raised a lot of questions in people’s minds. Some said Sauti Sol were trying to pull a Kanye (especially Bien Aime), while Yemi looked like a walking newspaper stand. But hey, I’ll let you be the judge.

This third season comes with fresh new twist. The songs performed on each show are in a competition to be included to the first ever Coke Studio official album. And it is up to us the audience to choose which songs will make it, by voting for them on social media that is Twitter and Instagram. Yes, the power is in our hands people.

Before I let you go, allow me to thank you for all your support and for constantly reading my little posts. You’re truly awesome.

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