Going through the e-motions

In the words of the wise man Usher, it’s good to be back!  Like seriously, you have no idea how much I’ve missed being in this space. I know I know, I haven’t posted anything new in about a week or so. But now the break is over, and I’m more than ready to bring all things entertainment closer to you. In this comeback post, I wanna do something I’ve never done before. You might have seen other bloggers and writers calling it Taking Stock, but I’m giving it a different name (refer to title).

So here is a sneak peek of what I’m currently feeling.

Relieved: that my exams are finally over and done with. Now I can concentrate on more important tasks, like catching up on my favorite series, and laughing at hilarious Vines.

Grateful: for all the amazing events I’ve been able to attend in the last one month. It was only this past Saturday that I was at the 4th edition of Cake Art Affair, and it was simply amazeballs! (Does anyone use that word anymore? Oh, it’s only me.)

Last year, I was all about the biggest raves such as Hakuna Matata Festival and the 6:AM Earthdance. This year however, I’m drawn to more serious events like orchestral concerts and award shows. Guess this means I’m growing up.

Disappointed: that the Sauti Sol and Yemi mash-up didn’t qualify for the Coke Studio Album. Apparently, more people voted for Vanessa Mdee and 2Face Idibia’s song “All I Need To Know”. Either it was rigged, or Tanzanians are better voters than Kenyans. I guess we’ll find out when their current elections conclude.

On the bright side, my favorite song from the second episode made it! This was the unplugged and romantic mash-up of Juliana Kanyamozi’s “Haturudi Nyuma” and Flavour’s “Ololufe”. Their all-white performance was so heavenly and divine, it almost made my heart melt right to the floor. Even my mother commented that it’s beautiful. Her exact words.

Glad: that I’m back to writing/blogging. I cannot even describe how much I have been longing for this. Ideas were always present, teeming in my mind, and the drafts folder too. But the inspiration was lacking. So I had to practice patience, and in the process I learned a very vital lesson; some things cannot be rushed no matter how much you want them. Every little thing happens at its own perfect time.

Content: with how my blog is progressing. With time, I have  come to realize that the only person I should write for is me. Chasing popularity is simply vain and pointless. After all, who needs fame when you’re doing what you love. Even if only one person reads this, I have done my part. So from now on, I’ll focus on sharing my world with friends and internet strangers, and be satisfied with just that.

Excited: yet a bit nervous about my first radio gig today. As a human being with little radio experience, I was lucky enough to get an opportunity as a co- producer and host of one of the shows at my campus radio station. I’ve been dreaming about it for so long, even when I’m asleep. Hope it goes as well as I imagine. Wish me luck!

Pleased: that Adele has finally returned to us. The queen of heart wrenching ballads emerged from the deep hole she was hiding in, to release a brand new video on Friday. “Hello from her new album 25 (coming out in 20th November), is her first single since 2012. So as you can expect, her fans had missed her so much that the video got over 25 million views in a single day, breaking the 24-hour VEVO Record. This already Number One song is so powerful; it has the ability to touch your heart and stir up some emotions you never knew you had.

Following the global shock, you know the Internet had to go crazy on this one. Some jokesters compared it to Lionel Richie’s equally titled song in this funny clip. Meanwhile, others were busy proclaiming that Adele was the new Messiah who had come to save the music industry from Taylor Swift’s hands. And the rest freaked out that she was using a flip phone in this iPhone era. Overall, I think Adele has won the best comeback of the year, hands down.

Amused: by all the “Hotline Bling” memes I have watched in the past two weeks. After seeing all the madness that’s been going on around it, I am utterly convinced that the world is insane. In a good way of course.

This jam is a pure ear worm, ever since I watched the video it keeps on playing in my head on repeat, just like TRACE’s playlist. And did you know that this is the only song one is allowed to dance funny to? Yup, it’s all stated in the Constitution – in case you haven’t read it.

Before you go, check out my feeble attempt at creating a Coke Studio worthy mash-up.

I know when that Hotline Bling, that can only mean one thing

*phone rings*

*Adele picks up*


*enters Lionel*

Is it me you’re looking for?

8 thoughts on “Going through the e-motions

  1. Loved every bit of this blog post.
    Congrats on the radio gig who knows probably a podcast shall be in the works .
    and I loved the mashup it would be a winner .
    I feel I need to get in sync with the world and have a listen to Hello by Adele. Yes I haven’t listened to it yet 😢as we wait for Rihanna to save us to , but Aunty too busy in her Balmain.
    Good stuff


    1. Thanks Freddie for the well wishes and reading, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The new jam is a must listen, after all it’s Adele, hello! (See what I did there?)
      Well Riri posted cover art photos of her next album called ‘Anti’. Let’s hope it will be released sooner than later.


  2. I also use the terms “amazeballs” peope don’t get it though i always get a where-did-you-crawl-out-from look. Yaaay on your radio gig. You’re going places girl.


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