4 Kenyan Songs you need to hear this year

2015 is almost over, and what a musical year it has been. Lots of new artistes have emerged, and comebacks have been plenty too. Locally in Kenya, our musicians have also put their best foot forward. Some even made us shake our bam bams all the way to local clubs.

In my recent vast explorations of YouTube, I have discovered lots of amazing Kenyan music. Yup, Kenya’s got talent too. A lot of underrated talent. That’s what this post is about, highlighting some of these great young underrated acts who don’t get much media airplay. Their music is just as good if not better than what has been dominating our TVs and radios.

We all know they are the next superstars of our generation. So let’s take this moment to appreciate them, shall we?

You simply cannot end 2015 without listening to these songs.


1. KIU- Mwanake

KIU is one of Kenya’s few all-female bands. And boy, don’t they make me feel like joining one. The three lovely ladies met in Kenyan music school Sauti Academy and have been together for over three years now. J

ust like their name suggests, they are here to quench your musical thirst through amazing harmonies. Their second single “Mwanake” proves just that. Mwanake is a Kikuyu word meaning ‘boy’. But don’t worry, the lyrics are in Swahili and English.

Have a listen at this Afro-pop love song, and satisfy whichever thirst it is you may have.


2. Ythera- Ahadi

Another Sauti Academy alumni, this songstress is just something else. I actually have met Waithera Chege in person, we were both in my university school choir (yes, I was in a choir). And now she is out there using her lovely voice to make beautiful music.

She is already known for her sweet love song “Kijana” which I’m glad to say has been played on radio a couple of times. But when I watched the music video for this second single, I almost shed a tear.

“Ahadi” is a beautiful song with a deep message, an issue that majority of Kenyans can relate to yet almost no one sings about it. Except Ythera. I am so proud to live in a country where we still have artistes who can sing about real life problems, and touch your heart at the same time.

I think every Kenyan should listen to this inspiring jam. Mr. Politician, are you listening?


3. Le Band- Sweet Paradise

New boy band alert! This four-man band reminds me quite a bit of the young Sauti Sol. One guy has a deep bass voice like Chimano, another with a Bien voice, the other one sounds a bit like Savara. And of course they have their own Polycarp aka the guitarist.

The cool kids, Ken Mwendwa, Fidel Shammah, Joel Maina and Chris Masika, do everything from songwriting to singing to playing the instruments. With the help of their manager Jeff, they have already released two other singles on their YouTube page, “Kantai” and “Heartbeat to my soul” which I both love.

“Sweet Paradise” however is their first official music video after a long wait from their growing fan base. Shot in an estate in Nairobi, you will enjoy their unique sound and video.


4. Kwame – Aki Wewe

Honestly speaking, I don’t know a lot about Kwame. But let me tell you what I do know; he is an upcoming Kenyan male musician with a very sultry voice. And he loves Kenyan women as much as he loves singing about love.

When I first heard “Aki Wewe” on radio just about a week ago (shmoney dance anyone?) I was instantly hooked. This love song has such a catchy hook you just have to give it some attention. By the end of the song, I bet you’ll also be crooning ‘aki wewe’.


This is only a tiny portion of the incredible underrated songs in Kenya. Do you know others like these? Feel free to flood the comment section with them. Cause if we don’t take the time to listen to and support our upcoming musicians, who will?



2 thoughts on “4 Kenyan Songs you need to hear this year

  1. Hey Joy. So let me be the first to flood your comment section. I know i should have done this last year but hey.. I love party kwenye nduthi.. Its amaaaazing and so catchy i don’t know who sang it though and Zonda’s don’t fall in love (i know its not new) and sweety by the band mathree am not sure on that too. Those are my three songs.:)


  2. Congrats for being the first to share Elaine. Here’s your prize *hands over imaginary but amazing prize*
    I also can’t get enough of Party Kwa Nduthi by Songoma. Heading over right now to YouTube to listen to the other two 🙂


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