My African Love [Videos]

Hello. How are you? Don’t leave just yet, I’m not trying to do a Hello remix. Enough people have beaten me to it already, especially the incredible Dela.

I hope, that you’re well. I’m doing alright. While everyone is excited about Christmas, I’m just here thinking about love. So I had another thought; why not do a recap of some of my favorite love songs from this beautiful continent of ours? After all, it’s not only international artistes like Justin Timberlake or Keyshia Cole who know how to sing about love. So take a seat ladies and gents, and let Africans show you what true love is.


“Probably For Lovers” by Just A Band

Don’t be fooled by the title, this song is definitely for lovers. I think I fall in love again with this song every time I listen to it. A cool fact about the video, is that it was compiled from mostly phone recordings by friends of the Kenyan band, who sent them from different parts of the world.


“Someday” by Chris Adwar and Atemi

Villager’s Band front man Chris Adwar and sensational diva Atemi come together in this beautiful duet. I absolutely love how they use local professions to declare their affection to each other. The song does not have an official video, so do enjoy this lyric video.


“Love Phobic” by H_art The Band

When love is so strong, it gets you scared. This is what H_art The Band members sing about in this chilling love song. I’m officially a fan girl now.


“Love High” By Euphonik and Mpumi

Warning: This video might have you craving for your lover immediately. Or your teddy bear if you’re single and loving it. All in all, South Africans know how to show love.


“Awww” by Di’Ja

Rightfully titled, this song will probably send awwws down your way. This Don Jazzy produced song is my favorite jam by the petite Nigerian artist, hands down.


So that’s it, five African songs that will get you on that love high. Feel free to use any (or all) of them to charm that person you really want this Christmas. And trust me they work like magic. I have experience to prove it.

Remember to have a LOVEly week music junkies.


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