#MCM – Driis

In case no one has already, let me take this opportunity to wish you a Happy February aka Lovers month. But hey, aren’t we supposed to show love all throughout the year?

Anyway, to kick off the new month, I’m in the mood to start something new. We know Monday as that day when many ladies (and some men) expose their man crushes on social media. Or did they finally quit doing that?

As I find that out, I have decided to start my own version of MCM. And its name is…. wait for it… are you waiting… Music Crush Monday. It’s all about highlighting a male musician whom I’m crushing on for his musical prowess.

It will be helpful if he’s also good-looking, hehe.

Idris Elba. Mention his name and ladies all over the world go crazy. Like literally, wigs come off and panties are sent flying in the air. That is the power of this 43-year old British actor. A brilliant actor I must add.

We’ve seen him in many acclaimed movies like Obsessed (aren’t we all), Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom, Thor, Prometheus, and most recently Beasts of No Nation. Not only is he active in Hollywood, but is also present in the TV scene – being the lead character in not one but TWO series. Detective John Luther in  BBC One’s

But apart from being an extremely hot actor (because he’s really talented), did you know that he’s also a musician? Yup, you read that right. Idris has a musical side, he’s actually a DJ and goes by the name DJ Big Driis.

For over a decade, he has produced, rapped and performed with various international music artistes. He has also co-directed and performed in a number of music videos. For instance, he acted as a blind man in the emotional music video for Mumford & Sons’ “Lover of The Night”.

Since 2006, Driis has released 4 EPs (extended plays) and one Christmas mix tape. This guy is definitely not kidding around.

So why is he today’s MCM? Well, it’s because of his latest music stint evidenced in September 2015. Last year, he came back to his African roots (his parents are both West African) and collaborated with D’Banj in the Nigerian’s new sexy single “Confidential”. The song also features Shadow Boxxer, a rapper from Sierra Leone.

In the black and white video, the three artists sing seductively to a couple of hot girls. Driis finally shows up in the one-minute mark fixing his suit and playing with his bowler hat. And man does he look suave.

He charms with his cool dance moves and his deep baritone voice while rapping about what he can do to you… hmm.
Ladies, please try to keep calm. I tried.

Check out the sultry video below. The jam has very suggestive lyrics so I would advise you not to watch it with someone who is way younger or older than you. Just keep it confidential, kay?

And who said Idris Elba can’t be the next James Bond?

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