5 Kenyan Radio shows you need to listen to


You already know it. There are A LOT of radio stations in Kenya today. And even more shows aired on them every day. So how do you decide which among this huge sea is worth listening to?

There are three major components that determine how good a radio show is. The first is the hosts. Secondly, the content of the show. And we can’t forget about the most important aspect – the music. If you find a show that works well with all these three, then you’ve got yourself a winner.

To ease your search for this kind of show, here is a list of 5 radio shows on Kenyan radio you need to check out.


1. Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 on Capital FM

Hands up if you have never heard of Rick Dees. No one? Great!

Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 is probably the best hit countdown show in the world.  (Take that Carlsberg). That’s why it’s heard in over 200 countries! And has been airing on 98.4 Capital FM for longer than even I can remember.

The popular 11-2 pm show is hosted by veteran US radio host and voice artist Rick Dees. Coincidence huh… And guess how long he’s been doing it. Since 1983!

I started listening to it in high school, under the recommendation of my brother. Since then I listen to it religiously; my Saturday mid-mornings are incomplete without it.

So what makes this show so great? Well every week, Rick Dees does a countdown of the top 40 international hits as voted by the public. He also dishes some of the most exclusive celebrity gossip you probably won’t hear anywhere else.

I have to admit Rick Dees is the show responsible for my deep love for pop music. It also gave me the inspiration for my own radio show (more on that later).


2. Hits Not Homework on Capital FM

Hits Not Homework is another of the long-running shows on Capital FM. From Eve D’Souza hosting in the 2000s to Joey Muthengi, it has now been left in the hands of one Amina Abdi.

If you live in Kenya, you must have heard of Amina. She is a proud mother and wife, radio presenter, MC, TV host and occasional musician. How she handles radio, TV, and music at the same damn time is completely appalling to me.

The mogul in the making hosts the night show every Monday to Thursday from 7 to 10 pm with her co-host Soulo.  And boy don’t they have some great chemistry. Each night has its own theme, such as Reggae Monday or Lyrical Wednesdays (for the hip hop heads). During every show, they play a hit countdown dubbed top 9@9.

As much as their music is entertaining, this is one of the shows I listen to mainly because of the presenter. Amina is like a breath of fresh air every single weeknight. And her voice is full of so much charisma you could listen to her every day.

She is the true definition of a radio queen.


3. The Jump Off  on Homeboyz Radio

I have a confession to make. I like hip hop music, but I’m not exactly a fan of the genre. However, I do know someone who is a real hip-hop junkie. That is how I got introduced to this show.

I can almost remember the first time I listened to the Jump Off; I immediately fell in love with the host’s voice. Her name is Corine, and she is dope!  She hosts the heavy hip hop show every Monday to Thursday from 7 to 10 pm and also has a hip-hop countdown.

When I’m not listening to Hits Not Homework, this is the show I’m tuned into – just because of Corine’s voice. Hip hop heads, this show is definitely for you.

4. Afro Central on HBR 103.5 FM

Afro-Central is one unique gem. Why? It’s one of the few African themed shows I have encountered on Kenyan radio. And it is hosted by none other than former TPF contestant Patricia Kihoro.

Okay hold up, why do I always keep mentioning TPF only? I mean, she is also an actress who has starred in various TV and stage productions. Appeared in a more Kenyan music videos than I can recall. And she has also released a couple of good songs. PK is one multi-talented lady.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the show. Afro-Central airs on Homeboyz Radio every Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm (read church hours). What I love about this show is that it plays quality African music than I rarely hear anywhere else. Because of this, Afro-Central has made me appreciate Kenyan music way more than I ever did. It has also exposed me to a variety of great songs from all over Africa.

Every once in a while, Patricia also hosts creative guests on the show from African filmmakers to designers and musicians. It is truly an authentic African show.

5. Ignition on HBR

This evening drive show is hosted by a crazy trio of Homeboyz presenters Mike, Sheila Kwamboka and Kerry Martin. Ignition HBR is all about wackiness and free giveaways. They also give listeners the chance to choose the music played.

The three hosts really know how to lift your mood when you’re stuck in the annoying traffic evening jams of Nairobi. After all, we all need some comic relief after a long work/school day. If I’m in a car between 4 and 7 pm, be sure I’ll be listening to these three and their madness.

But there is one show that has completely stolen my heart. And it’s none other than my own!

Every week I get to share my favorite songs in themed playlists with friends and strangers alike. With the aid of a guest, we discuss the latest events and what’s happening with your favorite celebrities. Both local and international.

Thanks to USIU Radio 99.9FM, we have a platform to interact with Kenyan artists. But the best part about it is that I’m always learning something new. Something that helps me become a better radio presenter.

Like this blog, The Music Junkies is like my baby. Or my puppy. Now tell me, how can you resist loving your own puppy?

If you’re looking for a good Kenyan radio show to listen to amidst the huge sea, feel free to tune into any of these ones. Now which show do you think is the bomb.com?


4 thoughts on “5 Kenyan Radio shows you need to listen to

  1. Oh MY GOOSH!! YOU ARE TOTALLY SPEAKING MY VIBE. I’ve been listening to rick dees since 2006 and hits not homework since it was with Eve de Souza then Joey Muthengi. I have never listened to Larry though so i would replace it with Caffe mocha on HBR with Jack Rooster and Kerry Martin


    1. Oh hey soul sister! Hehe. Wow you’re totally a Hits Not Homework veteran. I wish I started listening to it earlier.
      I just started listening to Caffe Mocha, and I’m already liking it 🙂


  2. Joy, there was a time when I never missed the Top 40 countdown, my laundry and lunch could wait till 2pm!
    I’ve never tuned into Larry’s show or Hits not Homework but my absolute faves have to be listening to BBC and Classical music on Radio 316


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