5 Kenyan ladies who can SING

If you didn’t know by now, well let me tell you a secret. There is a huge difference between singing and SINGING. Almost anyone can sing as long as they have a voice. They can belt out tunes, and even make top-charting music. But fewer people can do the latter. Really SING. That is dazzle other human beings with their alluring voices. Or shut a room up just by opening their mouths.

In the local music industry unfortunately, these guys are way less than the singers. They are almost a rare commodity that deserve to be preserved like a national treasure. That is why this post is here .To appreciate some of the superb vocalists in Kenya right now, who just happen to be female. But don’t worry fellas, your time will come soon.


1. Sage

From her first single “So Alive” with Octopizzo, I immediately knew that Sage aka Barbara Ng’eno was something special. True to this three years later, she still wows crowds with her musical gift and simple yet deep lyrics. And her voice mehn is just, heaven. 

Current situation: Looking for her debut album Expose Yourself.

Update: After beating the bushes, I finally found it on wabeeh, with the help of Sage herself. It’s available there for streaming and downloading, as we wait for physical copies.

Since the best way to witness true talent is through a live performance, here she is with one of her biggest songs – Maskini.



2. Dela

Ever since she made her comeback last year, Dela has proven to us why she deserves to be in the Kenyan music game. The female star has undeniable talent that has led her to already release three new singles; not including a very impressive Swahili remix. Check out her latest single that has won over my heart, and say Hello to Dela.


3. Sana

Sanaipei Tande or Sana if you like, is the only remaining singer from the Kenya’s original trio “Sema” of Coca Cola Popstars. If you remember this group, it’s time to check for white hairs (hehe). Even though they broke up in 2005, Sana has successfully managed to stay relevant in the industry through music and radio as well. It’s also helped that she is so effortlessly sexy #wcw. Luckily she not only has the looks, but also the voice. I think this video confirms both.


4. Atemi

Atemi is a diva and nothing less than a diva. I mean, what else would you call someone who has so much soul and charisma in her? I can personally attest to this after watching her performing for the first time in 2015. She has been in the music industry since her teenage years, and she doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Carol Atemi Oyungu is famous for being the diva who just loves to sing about love. If you haven’t seen her perform live yet what are you waiting for here’s a little sneak peek for you.


5. Mayonde

Oh Mayonde… To me, this lady is one of those precious gems that NEEDS to be shared with the whole world. Fortunately, the underrated but extremely talented artiste is slowly making a name for herself. This is especially after performing at the first 2016 edition of Blankets and Wine alongside big acts like Just A Band, and Muthoni the Drummer Queen. If you missed the event (like me) don’t fret, you still have the chance to groove to her Isikuti Love. 


There are so many other gifted female musicians in Kenya that I probably haven’t mentioned. But if I were to go through all of them, it would surely take a whole day. And we all got a lot of other things on our plate, don’t we?


Now that you’re in on the big music secret, why not share it with the world. Or maybe just your close friends.


Photo credit: UPNairobi


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    1. Hey Faith. I’m so glad Biko brought you here. Thank you for your kind words, I can say the same about you considering you love Rastaman.
      Oh, and feel free to bump into other posts 🙂


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