Music of the month – June 2016

Woah, what a month ! This June has been quite cold and dreary, at least for us who live near the equator. And don’t know the real meaning of summer. Fortunately, I have some hot new music releases to keep you warm and energized for another “winter” month or so.

Yup, The Music Junkie is back! (And I have no idea why I’m writing in the third person.) Okay scratch that. I’ve always been here; this is my blog after all.

What I mean to say is that I’m back with a brand new video compilation. Some of the best music from the month of June. I knew you wanted it, even before you asked for it. And so I brought it.

It that time of the month to have your cake, and gobble it up. Because cake.

Just in case you missed any of these cool music videos, you’re welcome.


Not to sound mean or anything, but Justin seems to have all the company he needs.
(sips coffee)


It’s about that time to watch the Malaysian born singer – who needs to teach me some headscarf skills – moving in reverse.


I must admit. It’s quite refreshing to see Rihanna fully clothed for once.


I don’t know what could be sexier than Shay Mitchell and Nick Jonas in one video. Do you, boys and girls?


The Rude Canadian band has finally come back with their smooth reggae love vibes.



Sometimes, I wonder if this is a music video or a hair commercial.
But oh well, let’s kill em with kindness.



This latest video by the French DJ has enough color and vibrancy to brighten up any dull winter day.



Honestly, I did not see any of this hiphop dopeness coming. But I’m sure glad it did.



For the few individuals who still haven’t experienced the Lemonade effect, here’s a sneak peek from Bey.



And the trippy song of the month goes to the American rapper Bas.



Then there was this sheer 3D madness.



The rising American rock duo is now stressed out about torturous prison. And the fact that the Suicide Squad was once there.


Don’t let this be our final song. Please MØ.


At least you can say you were alive when Mike Posner became soft, and made a remix for every single he released.



The Music Junkie is out, for now (oh there I go again).
Come back for some more cake next month. Cool?

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