Music of the month – July 2016

It’s the end of the month which can only mean one thing people… No, not getting your salary that you might spend and finish in the next two weeks. Of course that is if you are working and are employed.
Speaking of, shout out to all my non-working students and self-employed business people!

Certainly, there is something more lasting than money. More entertaining. C’est la musique. If you’re new here we call it music of the month. This is a recap of 10 incredible music videos released all over the world in the last 31 days of July.

While you juggle between life and your business, school work or employer’s work, you may have not had the chance to catch up on all these new videos. That’s why The Music Junkie brings the best ones closer to you.
No M.I.L.F. Money here. Just love, inspiration, and fun.

Enjoy this month’s dose of good quality music (and) videos.


This new video by the Canadian teenage pop star gives off a mixture of “can’t help but wait” and “as long as you love me” vibes.
Go on, dedicate this one to your crush. Don’t be shy.


When you put the classic man and Afro-Caribbean beats together, this is what you get.
Did I just see someone do a Shoki dance?


Nigeria’s ever fashionable queen teams up with our Kenyan boys to appreciate our unique motherland. There’s truly no place like Africa.


The 18-year-old Swedish singer decided to release a brighter and more colourful video for her catchy summer jam. Which do you prefer, the first one or this?

It might be time to find another crush


The simple 20-year-old songstress only wants you to remember one thing.
You don’t have to change a thing cause you are beautiful the way you are.


I love this new 80s inspired jam by 5SOS. Despite its extremely slimy and cheesy video, it kinda makes you want to go watch Ghostbusters at the cinema.


This music video by 16 year-old Imani is what you call eye and ear candy. I really don’t need no money when I have you.
But money would be nice too.


Where are all my underrated music lovers? This beautiful love song by the New Zealand sibling duo is for those moments when you just don’t want to let go.


Love has no limits or bias, it’s just wild. The  blue-eyed Australian singer puts it so well. That’s why I’m so addicted.
To this song that is.


The combination of the unique Kisii urban sound and African-inspired visuals definitely take the cake for music video of the month.
Did you know that this creative Kenyan video was shot Cece’s fiance Victor Peace? I mean, just look at the way she works the camera.

The local Kisii word actually means a sweet wild fruit that’s hard to find. Just like a good lover.
I do hope you find your Ensobosobo.


Now we can comfortably move on to August where we shall not get broke mid-month. Amen?



9 thoughts on “Music of the month – July 2016

  1. Love Troye Sivan and Alessia Cara ‘s Wild…but the list is awesome, good for anywhere from a walk to a day at the gym ♕♕♕


  2. Like the read,goodstuff but wheres hip hop in all these? I see no representation of that genre,…whats ur 10best videos of the month selection criteria based on?


    1. Hey Kidd, thanks for reading. I choose new releases whose audio and video both impress me at the time.
      You’re right, there’s no hip hop here. But June’s playlist has a couple of hip hop tracks. You might enjoy that one more 🙂


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