5 Underrated Kenyan blogs worth your every minute

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Have there been times you wished you never clicked a blog link? Maybe what you found was far from interesting and you ended up closing it seconds later?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you knew the right blogs to read right off the bat? So that you didn’t have to waste your precious time and bundles – that you could have spent on Snapchat instead? Or your favorite social media platform for that matter.

With so many blogs online nowadays, it is getting even more difficult to find the good ones. That’s because most of them say the same thing in the same way, without a single hint of uniqueness. I mean, we’ve seen enough of ‘love and light’ already.

Being an avid reader of blogs, especially Kenyan, I have discovered my fair share of the good as well as the bad. But I’m only here to share the good. I’m sure you’ve already had enough of the latter.

Since you cannot read all the blogs in the world, here are five underrated Kenyan blogs that are worth checking out.

1. Craving Yellow

Craving Yellow

If you are a naturalista, then you have probably heard of this colourful blog. I first bumped into it last year, but didn’t pay much attention. Now that I’m finally serious with my not so curly hair, Craving Yellow is my go-to hair blog.
The natural sista behind it is Kenyan blogger Tabitha. She is young, fun and light. She recently moved back home from Melbourne Australia, and is leading the natural hair movement in town.

Not only does Tabitha blog (and vlog) about how to grow and maintain long fabulous hair like hers, but also about the challenging life as a female adult. We can totally relate girl.

But the best part of her blog is her conversational tone. She writes in a way that suggests you are already online friends. Because of that, her blog posts tend to feel more like letters, addressed to you and only you.

It simply cannot get any more personal than that.

2. Chanyado


The Gujarati word for shade is the name of this underrated Kenyan creative blog. The real reason I follow it is the way Aleya Kassam plays with the Queen’s language. To tell you the truth, it is completely astounding.

She usually narrates her unique Indian stories while effortlessly showing off her incredible talent. Every time I read her work, I keep on falling in love with her words. And they always keep me coming back for more.

I only wish Aleya posted more often than she does. But even though she is inconsistent in blogging, I am always excited when I see a new post notification pop up in my inbox. That’s because I know I’m always in for a good treat.

3. JustJoyKendi

Just Joy Kendi

Ooooh Joy… I must have been too occupied with other Kenyan fashion bloggers to not notice her, until a few months ago. But mahn, this girl is killing it!

For one, she has a fun edgy style that few people can match. Once in awhile she also does some creative makeup posts. Honestly, I have not seen any other local fashion blogger do this.

You have to see her exquisite photos which she teases on Instagram. They really make it hard not to drool guys.

And please let’s not even get into her YouTube videos. Those crack me up with laughter every time I watch them. Baddest chic in the Kenyan fashion game thus far.
Okay, I’m done now. Fan girl moment officially over. For now.

4. Kisauti

Kisauti blog

This is probably the newest blog in this underrated list. It is owned by Kenyan writer and Twitter bigwig called WaKimuyu (he hates being called a bigwig, hehe).

He quit his 9 to 5 job to follow his passion, and it seems to be paying off quite well. He clearly has a knack for telling stories as witnessed at his new e-crib.

He writes about different subjects from short stories to book reviews. But I especially enjoy his raw stories about being a young Kenyan bachelor. Kinda like him.

Yup, he’s single ladies. Better look for him now before he becomes the next Jackson Biko.

5. WendiArtIT

Wendi Art IT

Allow me to start with the name of this artsy blog. It is run by a lovely Kenyan lady called Wendi. And she is at it while combining her two passions – art and IT. Genius, eh?
Award for the most creative blog name should go to her, me thinks.

I don’t know many people who do what she does, and that is showcase eye-catching art from Kenya and world. As a visual artist herself, she shows us the new trends and her stance on modern art. She also loves to highlight other creatives who inspire her.

This creative Kenyan blog also includes cool animations and videos that make the posts even more entertaining. If you are an art lover, this one is definitely for you.
I can see WendiArtIT going places. You go girl!

So that’s it. These five underrated Kenyan blogs truly deserve your attention, and will not waste your precious time or data bundles.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from them, it’s that you don’t have to be a creative writer like Biko to have a successful blog. Just be great at what you do – whether it’s fashion, art, or even sports. And ultimately, you will stand out high from the crowded blogosphere.

I’m tempted to end this post with “thanks for reading”. But that’s a bit overdone, don’t you think?

You can also check out other amazing Kenyan blogs I was reading last year (and still do)


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