Music of the month – October 2016

Whoo! October is finally over. It’s been a weird yet eventful month, from birthdays to Halloween. Speaking of, Halloween should just be called international costume holiday, don’t you think?

The previous month music playlist was a female affair, but this October it’s mostly about the guys. There are lots of artist comebacks, dance tracks and trippy videos to keep us entertained.

Lets go on a trip. Here are the best new videos and music releases of this spooky month.

Hallelujah! Bruno is back with funky 80s vibes, great dance moves, and quite a lot of vanity.
Can you feel the 24 carat magic in the air? No?

Watch out as major shade is being thrown at Taylor in this catchy dance track. And no, it isn’t your screen that’s broken.

The Canadian band never disappoints when it comes to love songs. You’ll have no regrets pressing play.

Welcome back Maroon 5. But don’t let the silly costumes fool you, this video has a deep meaning. You know who’s hunted as much as Pokemon? Yup, celebrities.

All types of creepy voodoo in this video. Last year was complicated, but 2016 is looking great for Nick.

Tiwa is trying to bewitch us o! Let’s hope she doesn’t do it when she comes to Kenya this November.

Enough trippy in this vid to accompany the dance track of the month.
Big up to Galantis, convincing monks to wear bright colors and dance is no small feat guys.

Starboy gets dangerous in this video, where Call of Duty meets 70s punk music. Ni kama vindeo ni kama drama.

Have you been bad this month? Well American singer Skylar is ready to punish, and not with lemonade.

Sometimes we need raw songs that speak about real issues like medical drug addiction. Like this one from Macklemore and Ariana Grande Deboo.

Now can we move on from Halloween and focus on November stuff? Thank you very much.


7 thoughts on “Music of the month – October 2016

    1. Thanks Mwangy. I’ll be sure to include a couple of new local music videos in the next monthly playlist. In the meantime there are previous music posts you can check out under Kenyan category. Enjoy!

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