Music of the month – November 2016

It’s finally December which means we’re about to close this book chapter called 2016. No matter how crazy or listless your year has been so far, there’s still one more month to do things differently. It’s never too late to live the life you want.

Here is new music from the previous month to inspire you to love hard, appreciate art, and just dance.

Is it even possible to have enough of Beyoncé? That’s why she’s always on top.

The R&B princess is coming back to Africa. Egypt looks good on Keke.

Oh my heart. How John Legend gets us emotional every single time is beyond me.
I’m ready to love you now.

According to the young American band, guys our age are simply immature. Any girl feel this way too?

Yemi brings some Nollywood drama in this new music video. Don’t do her tumbum, or this might happen.

The American rapper is back with his trippy antics. I wonder where he gets these drugs from.

One word: Couple goals. Oh wait, that’s two words.
Kenyan hiphop is still alive.

Because making a regular video is too mainstream. This video by the underrated band is worth every millisecond.

Melanie is basically a cry baby in a 21-year-old’s body. She’s weird in her own way and that’s why we love her.

Jojo is dishing out some healthy shade in this dope video. This is to all the F.A.B.s


Enjoy this new month for all of us, okay? Okay.

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