5 Songs That Made Me Cry like a Baby

Few things in this world make me cry. Not even romantic movies like Titanic or Me Before You. The only exception is Aamir Khan’s Bollywood movies, Like Stars On Earth and 3 Idiots. I mean, how do you hold back tears with such emotional scenes?

There are only two other things that make me weep. Heartbreak is the first. The second is music. It doesn’t even have to be sad music. Simply watching a beautiful music performance fires up my tear ducts.

Like that time Queen Bey killed the stage at the VMAs 2016. Or when Childish Gambino channelled Prince as he performed Redbone on the Tonight’s Show. Those are called tears of joy.

Some music is so awe-inspiring you can’t help but cry. It deeply connects with your heart and reveals feelings you didn’t think you had.

Here are five songs that transformed me from a well put together adult, into an emotional cry baby.

So plug in your earphones; there’s some tissue at the front.

Nakuomba Nerea, usitoe mimba yako. I think white inspires tears.

When all you want is someone to love you the way John loves all of Chrissy.

I really don’t wanna give up on you (dabs eyes)

I’m jealous of everything. Especially of the way you’re happy without me.

Water does that too. When Rihanna cries, you cry.

Which pop song has ever inspired a tear jerking moment in you? I promise I won’t tell.

4 thoughts on “5 Songs That Made Me Cry like a Baby

  1. I had set Stay as a ringtone for a day and it just had me feeling melancholic. I’m always called “water works” because I shed tears even while watching animations and cartoons, worst was when I was watching Lion King, that scene of Scar throwing off Mufasa messed me up for years 😥


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