Music of the month – January 2017

TGIF. Thank God It’s February! Njaanuary is finally over; those 100 days just did not seem to end. Now we can chop our money and celebrate. Wine would be great. Who’s willing to buy?

At least some things in life are cheap. Like music. Once you deduct the money spent on Internet bundles and WiFi for streaming. But you know what I mean.

Let’s get down to it. Here are 10 of the hottest new music videos of January to keep you company.

This upbeat R&B track wins the sexiest dance video of the month. Just keep on seducing us T.

Kenyan gospel is not dead. A beautiful melody, meaningful lyrics and a simple video is all you need.

It seems 2017 is the year Little Mix sexualized to become the UK Fifth Harmony. But you’ve got to give it up to them for the colorful video, and the banging beat.

Apparently, the best place to find love is actually a boxing gym. Ed Sheeran learns how to throw punches, and do other weighty stuff.

What’s up with all the crosses and trippy visuals Abel? At least he’s grateful, he got up and thanked the Lord for the day.

So many feels M.O. I may not have all my shit together, but ain’t nobody gonna love you better.

When Ghana meets Kenya: It’s two African men representing the African beat.

This perfectly describes most romantic relationships nowadays. Keep on making electronic dance music Garrix.

Fena dares you to say ngwe as she does some interesting challenges. From Kama Kawaida to this, the Kenyan singer is truly killing it.

Here’s some love drama to seal the music deal. And the Oscar for the best performance goes to…

The wine offer is still open by the way. Just in case.


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