Let’s Fall in Love – or Not

You know it’s Valentine’s season when brands suddenly start advertising special offers, with red hearts painted all over. And everyone starts panicking. Especially my single people out there.

Now you have to make late-night calls to your secret crushes. Even look for a last-minute date on Tinder. I mean, isn’t it illegal to be forever alone also on International Lovers Day?

It’s not easier on the hashtag bae peeps either. They have to pull out their heart cards, all on one special holiday. Cause apparently, the only day to show off your love is in the middle of the second month.

Anywho, have you ever liked a friend more than a friend? But you could never say it to them. For it would probably end your friendship, and hopeless romantic hopes too?

So instead, you dance along to the beats of your undefined relationship. More intimacy, less commitment. Pretend it’s fun. Even though deep down it’s killing you softly? Cause you know it could be more?

Yeah, me neither.

Once in awhile, you bump into a song that describes exactly what you’re going through. A perfect match to your heart. Kinda like when the waiter gets your order right on the first time. No extra masala on the chips.

I said mkwaju juice.

So here are 10 songs that are guaranteed to make your crush finally get the hint, and hopefully, fall in love.

Or not.

 I want you to want me, but you just wanna love me for the day

We might be better but you’re probably okay

Even Bob had to step in. *ahem*
I don’t wanna wait in vain for your love

So don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love…

I’ve been down this road before, but it’s worth the fall

No training wheels left for you. I’ll pull them out for you

But if you’re gonna let me down, let me down gently

God knows I can’t fix you, but I can’t quit you

You will be mine someday

Just don’t make me wait forever.

Maybe you’ll go out with your childhood crush, Tinder date or #bae on the international lover’s day. Or on the next day when the streets are less crowded. Or you could choose to lay low on this offer season red holiday. After all, isn’t it just another day.

Either way, Happy Valentine’s Day.


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