Music of the month – February 2017

Another month has come and gone, and some of us are still single. February is that time of the year when most artists decide to release soppy love songs, just because Valentines. However, these musicians tried to steer away from the norm.

Let this new music of the month move you, from your heart to your bones.

South Africa meets Nigeria once again. However, J’Something and Yemi are on the opposite sides of love.

Only true TOP fans can explain the meaning of this eerie Blurry Face video.
Can you save Tyler’s heavy dirty soul?

Alex is one part of the duo who gave us that sick mashup of Black Beatles and Confessions.
Definitely the sickest dance routine I have seen this month. Don’t you just wanna dance to that beat?

You do NOT want to trip balls like Adam Levine did at Future’s party.
Or maybe you do, what do I know.

Some of the best songs have the simplest videos. Like this one by the American newcomer who was just discovered by Pharrell last year.

Watch the real Chief run that trap beat. You aint ready for this.

Sigala is always full of those happy vibes. You got me feeling like the only one (dances in seat)

Are you ready for the harsh truth? Katy is back with some conscious pop. So stay woke.

Real music always trumps hate ratchetry. I hope Olivia does not leave you empty.

Lana talks to us youngins in this new track. It’s enough to be young and in love.

Stay in love this new month. Or just, stay.

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