Music of the month – March 2017

Has March been a busy month or what! I’m ready for my spring vacay now.  Preferably at a quaint tropical island in the Indian Ocean with no WiFi, and all the pina coladas.

Lie on a beach bed beneath a palm tree; listening to the music of the ocean. With an uninterrupted view of the beautiful blue sea. Or surf the white foamy waves like a pro, instead of these cruel Internet streets.

As you continue daydreaming, have a taste of this music of the month playlist. Maybe it will magically transport you to your dream vacation in your mind. Before you get the airline ticket that is.

Welcome to music paradise.
Sort of.

(The) Lorde is back to bless us with new weird music. You need a few listens to get it.
It’s a song within a song within a song.

Bruno is a one man show in this funky new music video. Those visuals deserve an award of their own.

Every Kenyan needs to listen to this deep political message. There are only two tribes in the country, the haves and the have-nots.

Don’t you worry about a thing. No doubt, this 24-year-old blonde beauty can SING.

Just like that, the American rock band has made me a believer once again.

Why is everything so heavy? That is until you realize life does not revolve around you.

Tremaine is one conflicted man. But the playboy still has a soft spot for love.

The upcoming American rapper has a lot to say about past love in his album Free 6LACK.
*Dedicates to all exes*

You will want to join GoldLink’s crew once you hear this. Trust me.

Gosh, this lady is gorgeous. Even me I love Nairobi (and the Alchemist).


I can’t hold it back any longer.
Magically flies off on a first class ticket to Seychelles.


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