Let’s Dance + A Big Surprise!

Here’s the thing guys, posts haven’t been churning out as fast as my brain speed. I’m sure this is not the first time you have heard a writer say this. Giving you excuses, I mean reasons why they haven’t created something new in awhile.

It probably won’t be your last.

The truth is I’ve been working on a super mega project. Something to blow your mismatched socks off. I immediately knew I had to share it with you guys first before the Facebook people get wind of it. Yeah, you special like that.

Okay, maybe it’s not that big. But it did sound cool to say that.

Let’s go back a bit. So I have this habit of complaining about Nairobi clubs. How you hear the same old music at every joint, all the way from Kasarani to Rongai. You know, that common DJ mix that always starts with old school hip-hop and bobbing heads. And predictably ends with dancehall music and shaking bums.

The only difference between these clubs, is the interior decor and safety of the location.

I mean, all I want in this life of sin is a theme DJ playlist bumping on a Friday night. Something like EDM to get the people going. Is that too much to ask for?

So yeah, I’ve done my fair share of complaining. That is until I discovered some rare gems in Nairobi that do just that. Like Afro house all night with Jack Rooster. Cool reggae music on any Wadada Wednesday.

I guess these places have inspired me. Or I’ve always had this inclination ever since I started my radio show. That is, to create theme music playlists based on different moods and feelings. And when I’m lazy, I just stick to one genre.

So here comes the big reveal. You already know I post new music playlists every month on the blog.

However, some of you wish to watch all the music videos as one full playlist. Say no more. Without further ado here is the first YouTube music video playlist made by moi, LaMusicJunkie. Also made in Kenya.

Now you don’t have to scroll down to watch every single video – although scrolling is said to be good for your fingers. No clever captions to read either. Just hit play, sit back and dance (in your seat).

So welcome to the stage 10 of the best international DJs of our time. Yup, including Diplo.


P.S. Majority of you guys responded that you would like to see more music playlists on the blog. I hear you.
If you’d also like to have your voice heard, check out this entertainment survey.

As you were.

And now I feel like a DJ.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Dance + A Big Surprise!

  1. Great work Joy, I love that playlist. It makes the experience on your blog even sweeter, less time spent scrolling and more time spent listening to awesome music.


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