Music of the month – April 2017

Hey you. Yes, you. How was your April? Before you say good, think about it first. Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did you lie down on the cold floor one time?

My April wasn’t good. It was busy, eventful. I was pushed to do new ventures that kept me up till 4 in the morning. My angel numbers say I am reconnecting with my purpose.

But enough about angels; I know why you’re here. That’s right, I can read your mind. You’re itching to find out what’s new in the music scene.

I’ve been scouring YouTube all month to find the latest songs worth listening to – more than once. To be honest, there were so many brilliant music videos to choose from in April.
Here are 10 new music releases for now.

The rest, come pick them up later.

Starting from the motherland

French Montana was right. These Ugandan kids are way better dancers than Chris Brown.

The famous trap beat finally touched down in South Africa. And girl does it sound dope.

It’s time to party again with the Nairobi Squaaa. Kenyan music is taking over, so you better be ready.

She may want to have fun (like most girls), but Tinashe still wants to know if you still have the flame for her.

Kendrick is his own new level in 2017. No wonder his album art for DAMN. won meme of April 2017.

I don’t know what makes me happier. That Paramore is back, or that they still rock!

Kygo’s dance track of the season finally has a music video. I’m currently the dancing girl in the video.

*Sees Vanessa Hudgens. Clicks video immediately*

How the Kenyan gospel artist always creates beautiful music which is also relatable is beyond me

The conscious American rapper is back to bless us with this insanely feel good song.
Know what, SpiderMan should be black.

Now go out and have a good fulfilling new month, you.


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