5 Beautiful Songs Every Mother Needs to Hear (including yours)

She is probably the most important person in your life. Not because she paid your school fees, or fed you with the natural resources she had. Not even because she cleaned your face with her saliva.

She’s the reason you can wake up every day and face this crazy thing called life.

If it’s May you know it’s Mother’s Day. The holiday where we are reminded how important our mothers are. How they raised us from their own bellies to our own two feet. The least we can do is celebrate them for their huge sacrifice.

After babysitting two toddlers recently #neveragain, I am now aware that motherhood is probably the hardest job on earth. But it’s because of our mothers (and fathers) that we are slightly adjusted, functional adults.

Not sure how to express your deep appreciation towards your mom? Let these touching mother’s day songs do the talking for you. She’ll thank you later.

Oh, and don’t forget the tissues. For your mom that is.


So play that song for your mama. Tell her you love her. Go buy her a house. Or a simple card, if a house is currently out of your budget.

Or you know, you could get a loan from Asahd Khaled’s dad…


Remember, every day is Mother’s Day for that important person called mama.

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