The 5 Apps You Need in Your Life

Admit it. You’re addicted to your phone. Don’t believe me?

You can barely go a whole day without using it. In fact, it’s a constant challenge to resist checking for new notifications every few minutes.

Yeah, I see you nodding your head.

I bet you’re even holding your phone right now as you read this. Rather than take a relaxing walk in nature or watch that interesting show on TV. You still watch TV, right?

Other than the mindless scrolling on our social media feeds for hours, our smartphones are pretty useful. And not just for that bomb-selfie camera. Thanks to the Internet, we can now access a wide variety of apps being churned out daily. Some we only touch once a month, while others have become our everyday best friends.

Why is that so? Well, they make life convenient, simpler. Some don’t even need a constant Internet connection to use (hear that online games?).

And the best part is that these useful apps are available on different devices and platforms. Yes, even you iPhone holder.

Since I cannot choose a favorite, here are the top 5 favorite apps I use daily.

Headspace logo


This is the app I wake up to in the morning. Like the name suggests, this meditation app helps clear the mind. But what makes it different from the rest you ask?

Well you get 10 free guided meditation videos, each 10 minutes long. Perfect for any rookie like me (I keep repeating them until I can afford a full year subscription).

I also love the cool animations that play before every other video. And the sexy, I mean calming voice of Andy. It truly makes meditation simple.

Evernote green logo

2. Evernote

This one is a gift from productivity heaven. It’s the place I jot down all my ideas whenever inspiration strikes. I use it for everything: blog posts, social media posts, quotes, upcoming events, even to-do lists.

Currently, I have over 400 notes (I know, right?) Thank God I’m able to organize all of them into folders called “Notebooks”. And I can access them on any device, including my desktop.

You know what that means. No need to carry a notebook to every meeting anymore.

In fact, I used Evernote to type this.

green owl duolingo

3. Duolingo

How else would I improve my French if it wasn’t for the highly rated language app? Duolingo makes learning any new language simple and fun. And helps you stay consistent at it. The daily streaks and reminders ensure you do five fun minutes every day. (I’m currently on a 20-day streak).

It’s now become a habit. I usually use the app in the morning right after breakfast. It’s always satisfying to level up after each lesson. And of course to keep the green owl happy.

Comment-allez vous?

Soundcloud logo

4. SoundCloud

I call this the home of undiscovered sounds. It allows you to stream new music uploaded by users from all over the world. You also get to indulge in your friends’ weird music tastes (and judge them too).

Personally, SoundCloud is the place to listen to EPs by underground artistes, like Sabrina Claudio and Cosmic Homies. It’s also the only app where I’ve found incredible #NuNairobi tracks that are not playing on Kenyan radio (yet).

If you’d like to discover too, here’s a good place to start.



5. Snapchat

You thought I was going to say Insta, right? Well everybody knows Snapchat is the social media app that introduced lenses with sound effects, the ever flattering flower crown (even on guys), customizable Bitmojis, live stories and 10-second snaps that disappear after 24 hours.

It’s so innovative that other apps had to imitate.

No wonder it’s my favorite place on the Internet to troll myself, show off my recently acquired culinary skills, share my favorite songs, as well as a sneak peek into events I attend. Also, the interesting Discover stories by Buzzfeed and Comedy Central can keep me hooked till midnight.

And who doesn’t like checking up on their friends and favorite celebrities on a regular basis? We’re still waiting for Beyonce’s Snapchat name by the way.


So there are my 5 favorite mobile apps. I hope they’ll last long enough for my young nephew and niece to use them someday. Just as long as they don’t get addicted to them as we are.

2 thoughts on “The 5 Apps You Need in Your Life

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