Music of the Month – May 2017

“Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year? Time is really flying, eh” My mother remarked today.

Yes it is, mom. Luckily for us music junkies, every speedy new month brings new music. And May 2017 did not lag behind.

Last month came with some pretty interesting vibes. Ladies have become weary of that bedroom-only love. Englishmen are flying high (literally) and going places.

Meanwhile, Kenyan music is still on the rise as local rappers bring the glory back to the 254.

Oh, and did you hear about Miley Cyrus?

Let me show you what I mean.

The year is 2017, and Ed Sheeran has fallen for an Irish girl who plays the fiddle (aka folk violin).
What follows is a wild night ride in a city called Galway.

Harry brings classic rock back while pulling off some cool Peter Pan moves.
Disclaimer : You don’t need to be a 1D fan to like this jam.

Speaking of Peter Pan and Lost Boys, the rising Canadian star is tired of that superficial love. Feel free to dedicate to that one person.
You know who I mean.

It’s hard to keep this underrated artist a secret anymore. But you can only see Mabel in the bedroom (which is also the name of her 2017 EP).

There’s no need to hate. This petite English rapper already got the juice.

Trust that Nyashinski is killing Kenyan hip-hop while flooring all the fake rappers.
But why does he remind me so much of Kendrick?

Introducing my new favorite Kenyan trapper. Steph Kapela sure got the sauce.

Chrissy Teigen’s husband is back with the feels guys. I.was.not.ready.

That chemistry is real and red-hot between Stargirl and Starboy. I hope Selena doesn’t get too jealous.

When the power of love makes you find yourself again. Me likey this new Miley.


My work here is done. Now go out and share your favorite May tracks with somebody; before its September already.


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