10 Trap Songs You Can’t Help but Celebrate with

I didn’t always use to like trap music. It’s loud and the lyrics barely make any sense. That is until I recently discovered there is some hidden beauty to it.

The thing with trap music is it helps you let loose. Stick your tongue out like a naughty kid. Pump your fist in the air in the form of a dance move. Unleash some cool moves that have your friends saying ooooh! Then dancing along to.

I’ve also discovered you don’t have to be in a club or a house party to trap. You can use it to take a break from unending assignments and projects. Give yourself that extra boost.

Sometimes you just need to congratulate yourself for the little things. Like making it to the middle of the week. Starting a conversation with your Taxi driver, or that stranger seated next to you on the bus.

So come celebrate with Post Malone, and find out exactly what made me fall in love with Steph Kapela. Oh, and does anyone know why Panda is still so catchy?

Plug in your earphones or headphones for that full trap experience. And also for the small matter of your boss finding out.

Let go for a moment. It’s time to trap, trap!

Clearly, this trap playlist is best for The Jump Off peeps.

But if you’re more into chill trap then this one is for you.

Even with the not-so-deep lyrics, isn’t it just beautiful?


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