Music of the Month – June 2017

A lot has happened this June. Through the million – okay maybe a thousand – new music videos released last month, I did the hard work of sifting for you. Wheat from chaff kinda thing.

As the Nairobi squad once said, the East is taking over. Expect a lot of fresh Kenyan music in this month’s playlist. And their video quality

Do we have too many love songs already? That’s a debate for another day. For now, here are the 10 best new music videos from June that need to reach your eyes and ears.

It’s kinda cute to see Jhene Aiko constantly forget like it’s 50 Dates all over again.

Kikuyu R&B is officially a thing guys, thanks to Ayrosh.

Trust Sauti Sol to make another African hit collabo.

I wonder what inspired Nameless to make this kizomba sound.

There’s nothing holding me back from the dreamy, I mean talented Canadian popstar.

Only King Kendrick can make a slap look sexy.

She’s really doing her thing tho with brands that make her dance.
(I already know my favorite look).

Black and white looks too good on Nick and friends.

Let’s get high on humans; nothing creepy at all.

Don’t be afraid to catch feels with Calvin Harris’ new Funk Waves Bounces Vol. 1.

So, did you enjoy your wheat?

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