Tetu Shani: Discover the African Troubadour on The Music Junkies

My favourite kind people are those who can make you laugh effortlessly. Like straight from a laugh factory, they are naturally infused with an immense sense of humour. Tetu Shani is one of those people.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would ever interview the African Troubadour on The Music Junkies. So that Friday morning, I experienced that weird mixture of nervousness and excitement. It was like my first day in high school all over again.

Tetu was the complete opposite of me, calm yet bold. He towered over everyone around him in his wide signature brown hat like a canopy savanna tree. I constantly had to remind myself, “Don’t mess this up, Joy”.

In a few minutes of meeting each other, for the third time, it was show time on USIU Radio. Similar to Biko’s interview, my anxiety slowly melted (like butter in the sun) into laughter and fun. It helps when your guest is so damn funny.

Interestingly Tetu reminded me so much of JB (yes, I still call him that). They’re both incredibly tall, refreshingly humble and especially fun to be around. The main differences are his brown hat and bronze bracelet that reminded me of Wonder Woman.

The movie, not the woman.

And like Biko, his advice on making it in his art industry was so unique. Unique I tell you.

I also had to ask him the big question. Are there too many love songs being produced in Kenya? His answer astounded me.

He was such a big open book as he described his unique urban folk music. He clarified why he makes music (it’s not for fame guys) and what sets him apart from other Kenyan musicians.

What else was fun? Other than impromptu karaoke sessions in the studio, we run a Twitter poll to find out what the listeners’ favourite Tetu Shani track is. Which one would you have voted for?

But enough rave about the African Troubadour. It’s time to actually hear him and his ah-mazing music. Can you tell how nervous I was?

I still don’t know which was more surreal, interviewing Biko or Tetu.

He’s on your favorite social by the way, since I know you want to see more of his brown hat and Wonder Woman cuffs. 

P.S. I hope to interview more humorous people like him in the future.

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