Music of the Month – July 2017

My hands are covered with dirt, and my forehead glistening with hot sweat. But I’ve finally come up with new music releases, err I mean treasures from the underground. They’re so mesmerizing, you could stare at them all day.

My greatest find of July has to be Kesha. After battling her demons for a while, she’s come back in a powerful way and is about to empower the life out of you. Oh, and we can’t forget the man of the month Jay-Z now, can we?

Open up the treasure bag and check out these 10 musical gems I collected.

When the life you have is different from the one you wish you had, this boy understands.

Dua Lipa has new rules about love, and her friends are helping her count them.

The three Kenyan girls have come back in one epic way.

Things are about to get warmer with the 18-year-old American singer.

Listen up, Mr. Carter is about to give you some important money lessons.

Shot here in Kenya, can we just call this the video of the month?

Be prepared to be inspired, Kesha style.

You can’t resist this catchy jam by the American songwriter turned hit-maker.

Macklemore spending the day with his grandma is the sweetest thing you’ll see all month.

Girls, can’t you just relate? And guys, don’t be such a boy.

Now be nice and show off the shiniest treasure to your best friend.


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