Music of the Month – August 2017

If you’re reading this, then it means I’m probably not at Nyege Nyege Festival having the absolute time of my life.

Yeah, you read that right.

Yes. I’m finally back in Nairobi after an extended stay in Jinja. You can be sure I brought back loads of fatigue and photographed memories.

Like my friends, I bet you’re also dying to ask. How was Nyege Nyege? Well, the 4-day out-of-country experience was way too broad to be explained in a few words. But I’ll tell you it was definitely out of my expectations.

But no, this post is not about the international music festival held in Uganda. Not yet.

Let’s get back to why we’re here, shall we? Every month, we discover the best new music that’s been cooking in the local and international sound kitchen. You could say August 2017 was about that funky and emotional music that will involuntarily move both your heart and body.

So expect new alternative sounds from our soon-to-be-favorite underground artists. All-time favorites Bruno and P!nk have come back with new music videos that will blow your freaking mind. And of course, our Kenyan artists are still holding it down, as it should.

Or as they’d say, kama kawaida.

Okay, I’ll stop talking now and let these 10 new music releases speak for themselves (mostly). Everyone deserves that, right? My fat fingers also need to rest from all those ingested rolexes, as well as my tired puffy feet.

Ready for some real music that wasn’t played at Nyege Nyege?


Our 24k magic man (no homo fellas) wants to take us back to the funky 80s with this sexy new video.
With you won’t guess who.

Now this is the African melody every woman wants to hear.

You know we couldn’t miss Tetu Shani’s first official video.
Did we just say first? Yup!

Like the American Teen, we were all once young, dumb and broke.
Remember those naive high school days?

This powerful music video could only be best expressed through dance. And when has P!nk ever disappointed.

This is probably the saddest thing you’ll watch today. It’s worth it though.

Get ready for the trip of your life with Foster and The People. Probably not the best idea to see so many dogs while on drugs.
P.S. I totally warned you.

You know how you sometimes go on music explorations and stumble upon an incredible underrated artist?
This month it’s red-haired Canadian musician and comic artist Lights.

The queen and these three kings have a new Kenyan message for us.
I’s time to recognize the real hip-hop players in the local scene.

Yes Joey! Now this is rap – conscious music with a real message.


Okay, this is the last time I’m mentioning it in this post.
Nyege Nyege!


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