Music of The Month – January 2018

It’s been a good month, clearly when you see this post. After many months of absence without leave or notice, the music bug has finally caught up with me. It’s time to administer a heavy dose of great new music to you music junkies.

You might know I’ve been passionately #NuNairobi of late – that’s if we’re friends on Instagram and Twitter. But when your favorite male international artist releases a futuristic and almost unbelievable video after the longest break ever (like some people), you can’t help but play it loud!

It’s okay if you don’t get it at first, you gotta give it some time to grow on you.

Then there’s a South African hip-hop artist I honestly cannot wait to watch LIVE at Africa freaking Nouveau. So much I even made a special music playlist for it. Wait, am I the only excited about this fantastical festival over here?


*sits down*

Among these 10 new songs of January is a 6-time Grammy Award winner who has every reason to be dripping in finesse. And a hot Kenyan duet that has a distinct Naija sound; luckily the local language saves the day. Okay, that’s enough teasers for now.

This new year, things are even easier. One click and you can listen to the whole month’s playlist as you do other things that make you happy. Guess you can call it Tap and Go.

Does this mean we’re back to normal programming? I can’t tell, but we’re here now, aren’t we?

Oh, and I missed you too.


P.S. I’ll soon be hitting you up with the missed music of the month playlists from November and December 2017. Cause you know, you deserve to get high on great music.

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