Let’s Fall In Love – Kenyan Style

I don’t get Valentines Day. So much red yet there’s so little love around. Every year, we’re expected to show our love on a specific day of a specific month, as if romantic love comes with a limited offer. Can’t we send flowers on other days of the year?

So once again, we have to brave through this strange February holiday. Rebel tactfully against the red capitalistic system that seems to drive sales more than love. Even my friends are tired of it.

Or maybe it’s because we’re single.

Anyway, last year at a time like this, we were wondering whether or not we should fall in love. All because some attractive people seem not to know how to like us back. 

Like seriously, what’s up with that? Do they need a comprehensive manual on how to love a woman? Or a famous dead scientist to spell out the chemistry in the air?

Okay. Let’s all take a deep breath in.

But this year will be different. We shall love ourselves and we shall be loved – naturally, without begging or longing. Love will hang around us like a best friend, and we shall freely administer a dose to anyone who needs it. Which is everyone.

Starting right here in the 254.

Are you ready to fall in love with these Kenyan love songs?

*cues playlist*

Speaking of love, I would LOVE to know which Kenyan artist you’d like to know more about. Someone cool you think we should interview on the radio show/podcast or here on the blog. We might not be able to go higher than Biko, but there must be other funny creatives in Kenya.


Now say it with me: Less red, more love.

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