Love Respect Repeat is the NU Theme by Ayrosh and Ythera (Video)

You knew this was coming, yeah?

After that hilarious yet genius cover of Sauti Sol’s Short N Sweet, Ayrosh is back with another one. Two times in one month. Man’s not stopping.

I’m talking about Ayrosh’s new music release with US-based producer Waithaka, the same guy who produced his 2017 hit Shuga Mami. Since we nowadays roll the credits before the movie, the hot music video is directed by Johnson Kyalo. He’s done everyone’s videos from Guuku with Kwame to Java Love by Tha Movement to Okello by Serro to Roiko by Chris Masika.

Those are just a few examples of what Kenyan music really sounds like.

I like my music videos with stories. Not just random flashy shots on hotel rooftops. Thank God this one tells one story throughout. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you.

Love Respect Repeat is a different sound to Ayrosh than we’re used to. His voice is dark and dangerous, in an alluring kind of way. Especially when he says “bandits, don’t give love to the bandits.” Fire explodes in the video, almost literally.

He looks like a bad boy in this one, quite literally. Till then, I had never seen him rocking dark shades, a black leather jacket and a cool turtleneck to complete the bad look. He must have talked to a stylist. You probably caught a few shots of this hot look in his Short N Sweet Gikuyu cover.

Our folk fusion artist sings in such fluent English you wouldn’t think he does mugithi. But of course, Mr Karikiimani had to sneak in some Gikuyu, and Ythera (of politically conscious Ahadi) helps out with her sweet harmonious voice. They both look like African stars by the way.

I love how clever the product placement is throughout the video. Now I want to try out le menu de Brioche Cafe located at the Yard in Parklands. WLL Comic Store is already one of my favourite chill spots at the Alchemist. When I’m not buying another button or checking out new artist merchandise like the leading lady does.

She also makes you want to get that red Jus Kidding T-shirt since you always listen to their inappropriate podcasts on SoundCloud.

But my favourite part of this new Kenyan music video has to be Chaxy playing (or pretending to play) the guitar at the coolest underground music joint in Nairobi. Your day ones really come through for you, starting with Shuga Mami baybe.

Ythera says it all. Love me, respect me, repeat it. That’s it. And I’ll do the same for you.

You know what else is coming? An Afrohouse EP by our urban mugithi guy. You didn’t hear about it here.

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