About Me


(That means what’s up in French.)

So who am I?

Well I’m that girl who dances to Sexual Healing in a public bus while everyone else keeps calm. Yup, I’m that crazy (about music).

But it’s not only music I’m obsessed with. I’m a fan of all the arts – from poetry to fashion to visual art to tasty food. So if you ever spot a young-looking lady cheering loudly at a cool artsy event in town, that’s probably me right there.

I love to discover new and underrated music, both Kenyan and international. Almost as much as I love to share it with the world. Thanks to the Internet, I get to update you on great songs you need to hear right here on this blog and my radio show.

According to my friends, I’m a huge events junkie. That’s why I tell you about the affordable events in Nairobi worth attending. And where your favorite local celebrities are hiding.

My name is Joy Ruguru, but you can call me The Music Junkie. (I like the second name better).

It’s time for music. Welcome to LaMusicJunkie.




Twitter/ Instagram/ Snapchat: joyrugz

Email: lamusicjunkie.ke@gmail.com

Since we are still a work in progress, new post notifications appear at the Social bundle of Gmail’s Inbox. Oh, and we don’t charge you for subscribing.

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