About Me


(That means what’s up in French.)

So who am I?

I’m that girl who dances to Sexual Healing in a public bus while everyone else keeps calm. Yup, I’m that crazy – about music.

Other than cramming song lyrics, I love to discover spanking new and underrated music from Kenya and the world. My friends are my real plugs. Thanks to the Internet, I get to update you on these spectacular songs on this blog and radio show.

People like to call me an events junkie. Which is true, I just can’t help myself from raving about affordable artsy events worth your every shilling. And where your favorite local celebrities hide on weekends.

My name is Joy Ruguru; but you can call me The Music Junkie. (I like the second one better).

It’s time to get high on music. Welcome to LaMusicJunkie.



Instagram : @lamusicjunkie

Email: lamusicjunkie.ke@gmail.com

Since we are still a work in progress, new post notifications appear under the Social bundle of Gmail’s Inbox. Oh, and we don’t charge you for subscribing.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I think we are music soulmates ❤🎶💕Joy, thank you for sharing your experience of H_art Unplugged with all of us. Keep it H_art for updates on what we have in store on June 8th! Also, kindly expect an email from me. My name is Yvonne Kuria, H_art’s PR girl 👧


    1. Hey Yvonne! Thanks for checking out the piece, it was an honor to share the amazing live experience.
      Can’t wait to find out what’s cooking in the H_art camp 😊


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