(That means what’s up in French.)

So who am I?

Well, I’m that girl who dances to Sexual Healing in a bus while everyone else keeps calm. Yup, I’m that crazy – about music.

Other than dancing in public, I love to discover new underground music from Kenya and the world. It’s what keeps me up till 3 in the morning. That’s why I feel it’s my responsibility to update you on all these incredible songs (and artists) on this entertainment blog and my radio show.

My friends like to call me an events junkie. Which is kinda true, I can’t help but wait rave about all the cool artsy events in Nairobi worth attending. And where your favourite artists hide on the weekends.

My name is Joy Ruguru, but you can call me The Music Junkie.

It’s time to get high on music. Welcome to LaMusicJunkie.



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4 thoughts on “About

  1. I think we are music soulmates ❤🎶💕Joy, thank you for sharing your experience of H_art Unplugged with all of us. Keep it H_art for updates on what we have in store on June 8th! Also, kindly expect an email from me. My name is Yvonne Kuria, H_art’s PR girl 👧


    1. Hey Yvonne! Thanks for checking out the piece, it was an honor to share the amazing live experience.
      Can’t wait to find out what’s cooking in the H_art camp 😊


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