A night for Ochuka

I went solely for the poetry. I didn’t know they’d be music too. That Ukoo Flani and Sarabi band would be there. But the most surprising thing I learnt was that none of them was getting paid to perform that night.

Do you speak Fashion

Hola! As you may already know by now, I’m all about Kenya and promoting its arts and artists. With time, the Kenyan art industry has been growing at a slow pace, but growing nonetheless. One of the sectors that has taken a couple of leaps is the fashion industry. Have you noticed the amount of people … More Do you speak Fashion

The Big Wedding

I was not planning on posting anything today, but I watched something that really caught my eye(s). And that was the Wedding Show on Citizen TV. Before you judge me, I should let you know that this particular episode featured what is being called the biggest Kenyan wedding of the year. So now I have your attention.