Remembering 2016 

I really don’t get the hype around the new year. Sure, it’s no longer 2016 and we won’t be writing it down anymore in our notebooks. But isn’t this just a new month, a new day. A continuation of yesterday? Anyway, the new year is the perfect time to reflect upon what happened in the … More Remembering 2016 

A Little Crush

Here’s a confession: I have a crush. On this guy. His name, I can’t tell you because that would be cheating. But I will let you know that he’s a poet. (They’re over a thousand poets in Kenya, so good luck guessing).

Hello mum

 Mum. It feels so nice to say that word. And to have somebody respond to it. To acknowledge that they are your mum. It feels good. Not everybody has that privilege. The luxury. That’s because they lost their mum at one point. Whether it was just before their 29th birthday. Or right after they turned nine days old.